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Cegullah Publishing publishes biblical materials, which we consider our treasures, since their content is based upon the Bible, the Word of God.  Through these available treasures, presently geared to readers above age 15, we give opportunities for our reading audience to explore pertinent topics which steady, reaffirm, and help to walk out their life in victory.

Presently, we publish the works of Jeanne Metcalf, an ordained minister with a long-standing reputation as an insightful and gifted teacher, who makes complicated truths easy to grasp.  Jeanne, according to others, qualifies as a modern-day scribe with a passion to see the Word of God explained in simple terms.

Future plans for Cegullah Publishing include presenting the biblical writings of other qualified, modern-day scribes who, like our present author, pen works to strengthen and encourage believers in their faith.  Our future reading audience will include readers of all ages.


Before Cegullah Publishing began:

Our founder, Jeanne Metcalf, began authoring bible studies for the sole purpose of helping believers know what they believed and why.  She used those books as textbooks and workbooks, presenting them in a classroom environment.  in classes where she taught the Word of God.  Many transformed lives stand as witnesses to both the content, quality and teaching value in her published works.

In 2020 when Covid19 hit Canada, due to government mandates, churches, reluctantly, closed their doors.  Immediately, Jeanne transformed her teaching skills to online learning.  Those who studied with Jeanne shared that while they did well, many of their family, friends or fellow believers felt lost amid the many problems arising with Covid19.   Jeanne, quickly, reached out to as many in need as possible.  She set up classes on Zoom, trained those unfamiliar with Zoom how to use it, and began to run classes using her written materials.

Her major goal was to see her listeners stabilized in their faith so they could walk through this hard time with a measure of peace.  To achieve this goal, she reinforced her listeners faith base, teaching them how to handle a crisis, how to ensure good mental health, and encouraged them to contact their friends and family on zoom, especially those people they knew lived alone.  Some listeners who attended Zoom classes lived within the various provinces in Canada and some in other nations around the world.  Jeanne met those needs using a local printing company and FedEx delivery services.  While this worked well through the shutdown times, it gave much room for improvement especially regarding printing and delivery time.  During that first and subsequent shutdowns in Canada, Jeanne delivered some powerful and inspiring messages, which helped stabilize those attending her classes through Zoom, and the lives of others of whom her listening audience affected.

As Cegullah Publishing Operates today:

Cegullah Publishing, under Jeanne’s direction, exists to help readers learn how to be strong in their faith, unshaken by the world’s circumstances.  To do this we offer educational tools.  These help readers discover the Word of God through trustworthy manuscripts, which point readers to the root of the faith.

Our “Treasures in Print” stand ready to speak!   Discover the world of  biblical books waiting for you. 

Jude 1:3 c

“I exhort you to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”