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Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy, while officially incorporated in 2023, actually operated much earlier as Jeanne taught Bible Study to students, both online and onsite at her home.  

Presently, we are in the early stages of developing this arm of the corporation.  Our intentions are to invite believers, worldwide, to invest their time into understanding the scriptures, both Hebraic and Apostolic, (Old and New Covenant).  Once believers grasp the authority of the Word of God, rest on that as their foundation for living, that connection with God helps them to live a powerful life, shining brightly in this world for Yeshua.

To reach those goals, we use whatever God puts into our hands, and presently, that comprises Bible Study materials written by our founder, podcasts and a YouTube channel.  These small beginnings, head us on our way to help strengthen the Body of Messiah, worldwide, as the Lord leads us.

Looking at Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy, as a corporation with Jeanne at the helm, all who make up the corporation embrace the reason for our existence: to help readers learn how to be strong in their faith, unshaken by the world’s circumstances.  With the strength and wisdom given to us by the Lord, we trust the Lord to open doors to help others Christian believers to know their faith, and more importantly, to know the God of the Bible and serve Him well, so we all can “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”  Jude 1:3

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for free podcasts and other teachings!  Also, as we launch a new aspect of our YouTube channel called the Faith Choice, get ready for some great testimonies of every day believers living their Christian life in the real world!

(If you haven’t read about our publishing arm, already, considering reading about it now!)