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Our Publishing Arm

Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy began with a Publishing Arm.   Here’s a little history:

Our founder, Jeanne Metcalf, began many years earlier in a ministry named, Forward March! Ministries.  While functioning as a pastor, Jeanne, as led by the Holy Spirit, began authoring bible studies to help believers attending her Bible Study classes.

These students, hungry for the truth, gathered in Jeanne’s teaching room to learn about their faith, how to live their faith and defend it.  At first, to further the understanding of the Christian faith,  Jeanne prepared homework for the students to explore certain scriptures, and hand outs in class to help further their understanding.  Soon the homework became a workbook, and the notes a textbook.  This Jeanne did for many years.

Then, in 2020 when Covid19 hit Canada, due to government mandates, churches, reluctantly, closed their doors.  Immediately, Jeanne transformed her teaching skills from onsite training to online learning.  Jeanne, quickly, set up classes on Zoom, trained those unfamiliar with Zoom how to use it, and began to run classes using her written materials.  Her major goal was to see her listeners stabilized in their faith so they could walk through this hard time with a measure of peace.

To achieve this goal, she reinforced her listeners faith base, teaching them how to handle a crisis, how to ensure good mental health, and encouraged them to contact their friends and family on zoom, especially those people they knew lived alone.  Some listeners who attended Zoom classes lived within the various provinces in Canada and some in other nations around the world.  Jeanne met those needs using a local printing company and FedEx delivery services.

During that first and subsequent shutdowns in Canada within the pandemic times, Jeanne delivered some powerful and inspiring messages, which helped stabilize those attending her classes through Zoom, and the lives of others of whom her listening audience affected.  While this worked well through the shutdown times, it gave much room for improvement especially regarding printing and delivery time of Bible Study materials. 

Shortly, thereafter, the Lord spoke to Jeanne to set up a publishing company, using the Hebrew name, Cegullah, meaning special treasure or Jewel.   Thus, Cegullah Publishing came into existence.  Soon, with connectivity with Amazon, Jeanne’s materials now had the needed platform to reach a wider, worldwide audience.

Today, Cegullah Publishing united with the Apologetic Academy, to present Biblical material to all who truly have a heart to learn the Word of God.

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