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Names of God


In our teachings, podcasts, and other ways we communicate our teaching materials, we use mostly use the Hebrew names of God.  We hope the information below helps you to understand some of the names of God we use.  Below, we list the names and beneath the names, we provide a short audio with pronunciation.

Adonai … Lord; Elohim … God;  Yeshua … Jesus;  Ha’ Maschiach… The Messiah;

YeHoVaH … First Covenant Name of God

YeHoVaH Tseva’ot … The Lord of Hosts;  YeHoVaH Rof’eka The Lord my Healer;

YeHoVaH Shammah … The Lord is There;  YeHoVaH Mekaddishkhem … The Lord my Sanctifier

YeHoVaH Nissi … The Lord my Banner (or Miracle);  YeHoVaH Ro’i … The Lord my Shepherd

YeHoVaH Tsidkenu … The Lord my Righteousness;  YeHoVaH Shalom … The Lord my Peace

YeHoVaH Yir’eh … The Lord my Provider

  • Names of God (Pronounced) - Rev. Jeanne Metcalf
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