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In the early 1990’s, I had a vision of the Bride of Messiah.  In my book, the Warrior Bride, which recalls that vision, I share how God presented the Bride to me.  As a holy, glorious, and powerful entity, the Bride greatly impacted the world no matter where she went.  Following that vision, YeHoVaH furthered the gift of teaching that He gave me in earlier years.

Now, couple both vision and gifting together, and you will know why I chose, with God’s help, the path of an ordained minister of the gospel, equipping the Body of Messiah.  You will also know the heart behind Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy.  This is the avenue God created to take the precious God-ordained materials released over my teaching years, both past and current, to strengthen the body of Messiah and make them available to a wider audience.  Thus, as president and CEO of Cegullah Publishing & Apologetics Academy, along with the amazing team God put in place, we present a wide open door for anyone who desires to know God better, understand His Word in greater depth and then, putting feet to faith, be all they can be in Messiah.

So, please, explore this website.  Use every God-ordained material available to you.  Learn, grow and be strong in the Lord and the strength of His Might.  Then, with Holy Spirit power, go and turn the world upside down for His glory, honour, and praise.  “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.” 

Listen to the Warrior Bride Vision


My walk with God began as a young girl when I received Yeshua as my Saviour.  In the many years since my salvation as I have walked with Him, I experienced His faithfulness, His love and compassion.  With His wisdom, strength, and courage I faced numerous challenges in my lifetime, making me the woman of faith I am today.

I joined Jeanne in her call to equip the Body of Messiah in 2005 and have been with her ever since.  I enjoy walking along side her, doing whatever I can as, together our team reaches out to meet the needs of others.  I know firsthand, we deeply care for those who come along side, and prayerfully wish to help them in their progress to walk as overcomers.

As part of this God-ordained team, I enjoy taking people’s need to God in prayer.  I rejoice in the many miraculous results over the years as God responds.  It is my prayer that you, through the many resources we provide, will receive help in the way that you need it, whether it is in the line of education to know God and the Bible better, or it is in the line of some other personal need.  I trust you will discover blessings and growth in every area of this website and grow in God abundantly.


In my time serving YeHoVaH, I have found that the Word of God must be the most important aspect of my life.  Learning it, is just the beginning.  Applying God’s Word, aligning my life with it, and putting the Word of God in my mouth has it many challenges.  The rewards, however, far outweigh the challenges.

When it comes to Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy, I see its many aspects as a way for others to do what I have done with the Word of God.  My heart desires to help people hear, know, and understand the truth of the Word of God and then walk in it.  If you have not known the Word of God in this manner, or even if you have and wish to continue, please take advantage of the many courses offered on this website.  As you do, my prayer is that you experience the power of the sword of the Lord dividing spirit and soul asunder.  I pray that with God by your side, together, you carve a pathway of truth to explore, retain and walk in.


For the last several years, I have been honored to do PowerPoint for the Bible Studies written by Pastor Jeanne Metcalf.  In preparing the PowerPoints for use when Pastor Jeanne teaches, the content of the books give me more insight into God’s Word as she expounds the message written in the Word of God.

I love YeHoVaH and desire to reach people’s hearts through the message provided in these  PowerPoint presentations.  To me, it is my God-given ministry at it is important to me that people get the message taught to them in each lesson.  It is my prayer that the visual aids facilitate everyone’s need to draw much closer to God in their daily lives.

That is my main goal and the reason why I am part of the team of Cegullah Publishing and Apologetics Academy.


For me it all started on Dec 30th 1994.  This is the day I began my life transforming relationship with Yeshua and have never looked back.  The scripture verse that has resonated throughout my life is 2nd Corinthians 5:17.  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

In 2023, I joined the team at Cegullah Publishing where you can find me helping out in the area Information Technology and participating in “The Faith Choice.”

I feel deeply honored to be part of a great team God has orchestrated together.


I have been a disciple of Jesus since my teens years and have served the Church (body of Messiah) in many capacities since then. It is my great pleasure to assist with the transformation of Cegullah Publishing’s books into audio books. This is a new venture for me, but I count it a privilege to use my voice to serve God and His people in this way.

I pray that you are blessed as you listen and read, and that you will allow the roots of God’s nourishing word to go deep into your heart!