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Our Vision, Mandate and Objective

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We teach apologetics so believers can better know their God and their faith, thus building confidence to present to all who ask the reason for the hope that lies within.  (based on 1 Peter 3:15).


As a Publishing and online Apologetics Academy, we present solid, proven, biblical materials, which represent the gospel and teachings of Yeshua accurately, and in doing so, we give opportunity for believers to strengthen their faith and relationship with the One Who redeemed them.  (based on Matthew 28:19)


Following the lead of the Holy Spirit and with His help, we reach out to feed God’s sheep, inviting them to study the Word of God, and as the Holy Spirit and scripture bring it to light, to implement any realignments with the Word of God, wherever necessary, thus, walking closer to the original faith given to the saints.  (based on John 21:16-17)