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INSTRUCTIONS:  Read the terms and conditions below.  If in agreement, please use the form which appears on the bottom of this page.  Under the subject line, insert the name of the course(s) you wish to access.  When this form is sent to FMM, we will verify your purchase, then email the password to you.


I have purchased, (or received as a gift), Bible reading materials written by Jeanne Metcalf and do hereby consent and agree that when I access the online audios, I will comply with the following the terms and conditions: REGARDING MY OWN LEARNING: • I will only use the online learning audios to complement my own personal learning. • I will keep this Password for my use only and therefore will not give it to others to access to the online audios. (I understand that other students must receive their Password direct from FMM) REGARDING OTHERS: • I understand that Cegullah Publishing’s policy is to provide the best education conditions possible for learning, which they believe begins by each student investigating scriptures on their own first, before listening to the audios.  I, therefore, will only allow those who are presently enrolled in this same course, to this listen to this audio with me. • I will not alter, copy, upload or distribute, in any way, at any time, any of the online audios for any reason whatsoever.

As you send the contact form into Cegullah Publishing, you declare that you have read, understand and agree with the terms and conditions listed above. You also agree not to release passwords or copy or distribute any material to any other person.  Thank

Please hit the link below, then fill out contact form.  Be sure to add the name of the course into the contact form.