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Heaven’s Greater Government

HEAVEN’S GREATER GOVERNMENT – Behind the Scenes of Earth’s Events

Governments have power, some more than others.  However, one government stands above all others and to this government, every other government bows.

Do you know about that Government?

Do you know its ruler, its laws and power?

Do you know how to implement its authority?

Through the pages of this book, see the ruler of this greater government identified.  Be amazed by the power of this government to establish a magnificent world functioning in righteousness.  Recognize the strategic plans of this superior government for today’s world and all that live in it.

In trying times, learn how to focus on the overcoming powers of this government especially when living in a world shaken by conflicts of power.  Learn to use that government’s supreme power to realign your world with righteousness.

Set your spiritual eyes to perceive the effects of the most powerful government in the world and beyond.

Discover the greatest government in existence:

Heaven’s Greater Government.

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