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The Jeremiah Generation


God’s Response to Injustice

In the latter days of ancient Israel, there lived a generation of people, void of truth and steeped in such great wickedness that injustice reigned in their land. If unchanged, this entire generation would meet with the judgmental hand of the Righteous Judge of all the earth. To deter that judgment, God sent His prophet, Jeremiah to speak to the people of that generation.

How did Jeremiah affect that generation?

Did the people receive him and his message?

Did they return to God or did God’s Hand of judgment fall?

Answer these questions and more through this Bible Study entitled, “The Jeremiah Generation”. Discover the people, their promiscuous times, and the roots of injustice in the land during the time of Jeremiah. Listen and hear the voice of Jeremiah echo through the pages of time as he faced a people of a perverted faith system, confronting them with their sin and need for repentance. Measure the response of these people to Jeremiah, who desired everyone to recognize the day of accountability, which was so very close at hand, and to do whatever possible to avert it.

Enjoy a study of “The Jeremiah Generation” and the many lessons within that generation, which in many ways, pertains to our own. Discover the powerful lessons tucked away in a study of:

The Jeremiah Generation!


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