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Watching. Waiting. Warning.

Watching, Waiting, Warning – Obeying Yeshua’s Command to Watch & Pray  (Textbook)

To “watch and pray” is Yeshua’s command. It is also part of the vital weaponry given to believers. When practiced, as Yeshua commanded, it positions believers to walk shielded, within God’s protective defense system. It strengthens a believer’s ability to identify the many traps, snares and pitfalls set to catch the unaware.

Far too many believers, unfortunately, don’t know about this command, thus, it lays forgotten, with its effective principle abandoned. Without it, believers are left vulnerable and unprotected. This command, given to us in love by Yeshua, must be unveiled, picked up and used!


“Watching. Waiting. Warning” unveils this command, explains it clearly, and then, presents powerful prayers formed around the Word of God. It puts a practical teaching and an amazing tool to “watch and pray” in your hand. With that principle understood, embraced, and operative in your life, your defence system is heightened, thus, you’ll be alert, ready, and better equipped to live in the world, without being part of it.

Then, after personally embracing and obeying this command, you can expand your scope of influence to “watch and pray” over your loved ones, and even over those who carry the torch of the gospel, either on the home front or abroad. Yes, with God’s help, you can learn to “watch and pray” for yourself, for others and for nations, too! It begins, however, by first learning to obey Yeshua’s command to

“Watch and Pray”


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