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Artificial Intelligence, today, extends its modern arms to virtually every field imaginable. As AI devices replace individuals in the working world, some wonder if coming super intelligent AIs intend to replace more than jobs! Some fear a future time when AI devices takeover and rule our planet!

Does a future with AI concern, interest or intrigue you?

If so, open the pages of “Above Artificial Intelligence”.

Discover the greatness of God’s design for humankind, which no type of AI can ever mimic, replace, or surpass.

Then, as you read this book, be prepared to stand in awe of how God created you, loves you and destined you for better things than an AI takeover. Recognize how God prepared His human creation to withstand all threatening obstacles in a world with or without AI. At the same time, reinforce your fundamental faith principles and fortify your beliefs to live a victorious life in our present world of AI technology.

Smile and courageously face this world of AI.

Discover what God deposited in humans that makes you today and always,

far Above Artificial Intelligence!

At this point, Rev. Jeanne has yet to teach this course.  After it is taught, the audios will be available.