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When it comes to the concept of God’s Bride, the Bible presents a different concept of a bride than most believers embrace today.  Scripture shows the Bride as embracing a heavenly call, which includes a call to advance God’s Kingdom through spiritual warfare. Therefore, this picture of the Bride in scripture, shows the Bride engaging in spiritual battles. Through the use of the Word of God and other spiritual weaponry, the Bride overpowers the forces of darkness to see a release of their captives.  With a wide open door to freedom, the Bride then invites the freed captives  to a new way of life, freed from their prison walls on all fronts: the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Discover the warrior mantle of God’s Bride as she implements heavenly strategies to impede the progress of the powers of darkness. See her gentleness and compassion as she reaches her loving hand towards humankind with the message of the gospel.

Learn to appreciate her divine weaponry as she implements them to see captives set free.

Explore a seldom spoken but very dynamic truth.

Brace yourself for a unique look at God’s Bride as you consider and embrace the heavenly concept of


Please note: These audios are from a much earlier date when Rev. Jeanne taught for Forward March Ministries.  Later, due to the length of the material, students preferred the course divided into two volumes. Therefore, you will find the page references differ from those mentioned in the audios.  Please use the current textbook indexes for proper page alignment.  also note, any reference to F.M.M., such as the website, is not valid today.  However, a lot of the material from FMM is being migrated to this website.  If you hear of something you want, please email us to see if it is soon coming to this Cegullahpublishing.ca.