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Cegullah Publishing offers Bible Study courses to help readers grow in their faith.

If you are a student: 

For those who purchase our materials, we currently provide audios to accompany most our our courses, and are working at making podcasts available for all course taught by Rev. Jeanne before the beginning of 2023.

If you wish to lead a study group: 

If you are a part of a study group and you wish to lead any of the courses offered by CP&AA, please let us know.  Whenever possible, we would love to help make the process run more smoothly.   Contact us for more information.


The majority of our purchased online courses have audios from a time when these courses were taught in a setting outside of Cegullah Publishing.  As a courtesy to those who purchase these courses, we make the old audios available as an extra help.  If you have purchased a course and wish listen to the audios, please register for the course to receive your passcode.  When contacted by CP&AA, please have available the receipt of invoice number of where you purchased the course.