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Our Writers

We consider our writers, modern-day scribes, who, with their solid, biblical knowledge of God’s Word, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, write a today word for others to receive.  Thus, our scribes understand, embrace, believe the authority of the Word of God, and along side of their belief, live their own life within the principles of the Hebraic and Apostolic scriptures.  Undergirded with these foundational truths, they present the principles and precepts of the scriptures in the form of written materials.

In short, our writers, as we see it, operate in gifts of the Holy Spirit, to write from the heart of God.  Their writings, which Cëgullah Publishing presents as treasures for purchase, possess the potential to change lives, today and ultimately, present and future generations.

A modern-day scribe, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, brings forth the Word of God from the scriptures.