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Student Help Centre

In the academy aspect of Cegullah Publishing, we provide many helps for our cadets.  Some cadets only read our books, while others undertake to grow in their faith through our Bible Study courses.

While most of our helps for our cadets are found within the Bible Study Courses, we also provide some additional helps for those who visit our website to browse, or to purchase our reading our materials to  help them in their faith walk.

Thus, we present this online Student Help Centre.  Here, we uploaded some helps for Prayer and Intercession, and also a few items to build the believers faith.  You can explore these subject by hitting anyone of the links below, or finding products through our search engine on the Home Page, or by clicking on any available links from the Home Page headings.

We hope your visit with us online is a positive and encouraging experience.  God bless you as you seek out more of His Word, and build a stronger, more intimate relationship with God.

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