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Thy Kingdom Come

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Thy Kingdom Come

Do you understand your inheritance in Messiah?

Do you know how to receive that inheritance?

“Thy Kingdom Come” invites you to identify and explore your inheritance in Messiah. Then, knowing that inheritance, “Thy Kingdom Come” presents God’s promised method to receive that inheritance by entering God’s Rest in prayer.

Open the pages of “Thy Kingdom Come” and prayerfully read and study the biblical passages within. Use “Thy Kingdom Come” as a tool to help you mature in your faith. Use it to help you grow into a strong and powerful believer, able to stand tall in the world in which we live.

Discover your inheritance and how to receive it!

Discover “Thy Kingdom Come”

and be found: Entering God’s Rest in Prayer.

Please note: These audios are from a much earlier date when Rev. Jeanne taught for Forward March Ministries.  Since the book was revamped before uploading online, the page references differ, so please use the current textbook index for proper page alignment.  also note, any reference to F.M.M., such as the website, is not valid today.  However, a lot of the material from FMM is being migrated to this website.  If you hear of something you want, please email us to see if it is soon coming to this Cegullahpublishing.ca.