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When Nations Rumble

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As a businessman immersed in a world of commerce, Amos suddenly finds himself in the role of a prophet. Called by God, he must leave his established way of life to address the social injustices of his day. Standing before the elite and the nation’s leaders, Amos calls for action. Stop the crimes against humanity. Return to God and His righteousness. Embrace, once again, God’s Divine Laws.

“When Nations Rumble” identifies God’s description of righteousness for all nations, exposing what waits for those who deliberately oppress the poor, broken, and downtrodden, to further their own comforts or positions of power.

Discover the passionate message of Amos.

Recognize God’s zeal of equality for all people.

Identify the signs of the times that demand God’s judgment.

Learn to look at your nation through the eyeglasses of the book of Amos. Study the book of Amos, weighing his day against that in which you live. It all awaits you as you unravel the prophetic words of the prophet, Amos in this book, entitled,

“When Nations Rumble”.

Please note: These audios are from a much earlier date when Rev. Jeanne taught for Forward March Ministries.  Since the book was revamped before uploading online, the page references differ, so please use the current textbook index for proper page alignment.  also note, any reference to F.M.M., such as the website, is not valid today.  However, a lot of the material from FMM is being migrated to this website.  If you hear of something you want, please email us to see if it is soon coming to this Cegullahpublishing.ca.