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Candidate for a Miracle

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Candidate for a Miracle

 Can anyone receive a miracle? Candidate for a Miracle” answers that question with a definite “yes”.

This book looks at eight intense, potentially tragic circumstances, where the only way out required a miracle. Examining the people involved in these miracles, this book highlights what they did, and even what they failed to do, prior to their miracle. Then, “Candidate for a miracle” shows how everything changed once the God of miracles arrived on the scene.

Through “Candidate for a Miracle”, investigate some amazing attributes about the God of miracles. Allow your knowledge of God to increase so as to build your faith, and at the same time, explore how miracle recipients reached out to that God of miracles. Watch their mindsets adjust to align their thinking with that of God’s, thus making their life a “platform’ ready and waiting for the arrival of the God of miracles.

Decide to intensity your relationship with God, and further your insight about the things HIs Kingdom. Discover wisdom from the miracles of Yeshua. Reach for this book, entitled

Candidate for a Miracle!


Please note: These audios are from a much earlier date when Rev. Jeanne taught for Forward March Ministries.  Since the book was revamped before uploading online, the page references differ, so please use the current textbook index for proper page alignment.  also note, any reference to F.M.M., such as the website, is not valid today.  However, a lot of the material from FMM is being migrated to this website.  If you hear of something you want, please email us to see if it is soon coming to this Cegullahpublishing.ca.  

Note: Here is an additional help regarding the new set up of this book: Candidate for A Miracle updated index