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In the Name of YeHoVaH, We Lift Up Our Banners (Textbook) – Biblical Use of Banners

King David, a powerful and admired King of Israel, was a worshipper. In true biblical fashion, he insured that constant worship to his God took place around the erected tabernacle in Jerusalem, which housed the Ark of the Covenant. Here, extravagant worship transpired with multiple singers, trumpeters, musicians and skilled worshippers of all sorts.

Bringing that worship to its greatest possible heights, King David set up banners in the Name of his God.

King David knew and embraced the truth about banners.

He used banners to bring glory to God. He did so in majestic, biblical style.

If you are a worshipper, who like King David, desires to bring God the highest honour due His name, then explore the biblical use of banners, which is the subject of this book. Open the pages of this book to uncover numerous reasons why God desires His people to make room for banners.

Discover forgotten principles of banners, including their prophetic nature, which highly honours God.

Add powerful dynamics to your worship.

Discover why King David said: “In the Name of YeHoVaH We Set Up Our Banners”.

Please note: As soon as we teach this course, the audios will be available.