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Did you know that you are a spiritual being, created for greatness?

You might not understand that greatness yet, but nevertheless, it is there, lying dormant, ready, and waiting to come to life. One key to bringing this greatness forward lies in embracing the Biblical reason why God created you. Once you know that reason, and understand it, you can position yourself to walk the road of truth leading to your God-ordained destiny. Walking that road can change your life!

Following your destiny potentially benefits the lives of those you love, too, and depending upon your commitment to your destiny, its fulfillment can even change the world! Take the first step to fulfilling your spiritual destiny.

Learn why God made you, and discover that you are

Molded for the Miraculous!

Please note: These audios are from a much earlier date when Rev. Jeanne taught for Forward March Ministries.  Since the book was revamped before uploading online, the page references differ, so please use the current textbook index for proper page alignment.  also note, any reference to F.M.M., such as the website, is not valid today.  However, a lot of the material from FMM is being migrated to this website.  If you hear of something you want, please email us to see if it is soon coming to this Cegullahpublishing.ca.