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The Gift of God’s Name

The Gift of God’s Name – Christian Faith Declarations Centered Around God’s Hebrew Name

Christian faith statements present a way to help your faith grow. Consider this small 65-page book as an open door to unleash the potential of faith statements into your life.  Inside you will find two sections:

  • Section 1 explains nine compound names of our God, given to us within the Hebraic scriptures. Knowing the meaning of these names helps us to grasp more about the amazing character and nature of God. This knowledge draws you closer to God.
  • Section 2 contains capsulated biblical statements, showing benefits of the Name of God, focusing on the finished works of the cross. This booklet approaches the benefits as ready to be imparted into our lives.

These declarations speak about many fundamental Christian principles such as the blood of the Lamb, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, divine healing, walking in the dominion given to believers through the cross, as well as the believer’s position seated in heavenly places.

If you embrace these faith principles, use this nearly 4000 word declaration to strengthen your faith, and help you to align with what God designed for you, as a Christian believer.

TIME REQUIREMENTS: Some individuals require 30 minutes to read the declaration pages, while others need an hour.

Please note:  As of the time of this posting, Amazon only allows 3 copies per household.  If you want to put this book into the hands of your family and friends, which makes your need greater than 3 copies, please consider ordering from Volumes.  Volumes prints this book with a coil spine, which normally sells for a little more, however, Cegullah Publishing is keeping the price the same as Amazon’s price.